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Video Game Design and Development

Unlock a new and exciting career in the gaming sector! Using a comprehensive and analytical approach to game engine architectures, this online game design course will teach you how to harness your creativity to design and develop games effectively.

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  1. C# Programming Primer for Unity Game Development
    1. How to Create a C# Program in Visual Studio
    2. Console Input and Output
    3. Variables
    4. Arithmetic Operators
    5. Logical Operators
    6. Random Numbers
    7. Controlling Program Flow
    8. Repetition
    9. Arrays and Multidimensional Arrays
    10. Functions and Methods
    11. Classes and Object-Oriented Programming Design
    12. Strings
    13. Data Structures
  2. Mathematics for Game Development
    1. Real Numbers
    2. Algebra
    3. Set Theory and Functions
    4. Polynomials
    5. Trigonometry
    6. Vector Mathematics
    7. Matrix Mathematics
    8. Quaternion Algebra
    9. Linear Transformations
    10. Analytic Geometry
  3. General Game Modeling and Texturing
    1. Interface and Rendering Modes
    2. Primitives, Meshes, and Mesh Editing
    3. Pivots and Manipulators
    4. The 3D Cursor
    5. Object Join, Separate, Duplication
    6. Polygon Structure and Count
    7. Modeling with Bevel, Extrude, and Multiresolution Modifiers
    8. Spin Tool and Splines
    9. Image Planes
    10. Texture Maps and UV Unwrapping
    11. Creating and Saving Scenes
  4. Unity Game Engine Foundation
    1. Creating Projects
    2. Understanding Unity's User Interface
    3. Cameras and Viewport Navigation
    4. Scene Architecture
    5. Game Objects
    6. The Inspector
    7. The Asset Browser
    8. Real-Time Lighting and Lighting Models
    9. Pre-Computed Lighting and Lightmaps
    10. Material Creation and Usage
    11. Scripting
    12. Object Physics
    13. User Input Handling
    14. Post-Processing
    15. Particle Systems and Special Effects
    16. Audio
    17. User Interface Design and Development
    18. Menus and Closing Credits
    19. Game Development Project (3d Arcade Game)
  5. Advanced Unity Game Development I
    1. Navigation and Pathfinding
    2. Asset Preparation and Pipeline
    3. Humanoid Retargeting and Skeletal Animation
    4. Animation State Machines
    5. Mechanism with Environment Navigation
    6. NPC / Enemy AI Systems Development
    7. AI State Machines
    8. AI Player Targeting and Threat Detection
    9. FPS Movement and Camera Controller
    10. Screen Image Effects
    11. Ragdoll Physics and Reanimation
    12. Body Part Aware Damage Systems
    13. NPC Player and Environment Awareness
    14. Audio Mixer Scripting and Pooling and Collections
    15. Game Sound Systems
    16. Scriptable Objects
    17. Player Damage and Pain
    18. Stamina Systems
    19. User Interface Design and Development
    20. Game Development Project (First Person Apocalyptic Shooter)
  6. Advanced Unity Game Development II
    1. Interactive Items (Switches, Doors, Keypads, Drawers, etc.)
    2. Heads Up Displays
    3. Player Inventory Management System
    4. In-Game PDA with Imagery, Text and Audio
    5. In-Game Journals with Image Viewer
    6. Arms and Weapon System
    7. Inverse Kinematics for Head Movement
    8. Procedural IK Stair System
    9. Navigation Areas
    10. AI Door Management System
    11. Potential Visibility Set (PVS) System
    12. Night Vision Goggles and Flashlights
    13. Item Collection and Player Backpack
    14. Player Sickness/Infection System
    15. Object Outline Effects
    16. Factions (Friendly/Enemy) System
    17. NPC Animation and Avoidance Culling
    18. In-Game Map and Blueprints System
    19. Lockpicking System
    20. Missions and Objectives System
    21. Crafting System



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You've got questions.
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Our highly knowledgeable Enrollment Specialists will answer any questions you might have about the course and payment options.

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